my god

the Snape one gets me every time.


He could’ve just killed Starjun and then healed Toriko, but that’s not what he chose because he wants no one to be hurt. Komatsu rather risk his own life than those of others. No matter who it is.


So I’m all caught up on the Toriko anime right? And since I need more Toriko in my life I just started rewatching some episodes with my sister. We usually skype while letting the ending roll. I have no life though, so this time it was different.


As you may or may not know, Toriko’s third…



Because who doesn’t love Eve and Raven (Elsword Gamer c;)




Raven: Nothing is worth that.

Besides, I don’t think she entirely minds this.

AoKaga, Not KagaAo

I’m kinda bothered about KagaAo tag in tumblr… Really.. What I wish is just to see AoKaga, not KagaAo… I’m still respect about KagaAo tag with AoKaga tag at the same time, but ONLY when two of them really in the post… Not just KagaAo… Why even put AoKaga tag when they’re not there TxT… Kinda sad… And maybe that’s why now I’m bored with AoKaga tags in tumblr…

I’m just saying, for me, those tags/characters/myfeelings are not the same…

Say that I’m not ‘true’ AoKaga shipper, I don’t care about it… I have my own ways… And so you guys… QxQ

But still, I can’t help with those two U//w//U… I love AoKaga so much… That hurts…

Sobs… It really hurts to say something like this… QAQ…

Oh… And… I really love you guys who put AoKaga tags with all your heart X//D… Thank you for so maaaaaannyyyyyyyy things you guys write, draw, about AoKaga (those two lol)… I really do…

I’m sorry about my poor English… Just wanna say something that I buried in my heart lately TxT…